• Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

    Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

    1) High transmission efficiency, single stage greater than 96.5%, double maximum greater than 93%, three stage greater than 90%.
    2) Small size, light weight, long service life, high carrying capacity.
    3) Easy to disassemble and install.

  • 90 Degree Shaft Gearbox

    90 Degree Shaft Gearbox

    1) Flexible installation mode, horizontal or vertical, or according to user requirements for other forms of installation.
    2) High transmission power and high operation reliability.
    3) Good heat dissipation performance.

  • Gearbox for Drilling Machine

    Gearbox for Drilling Machine

    1) Installation location is not restricted.
    2) Transmission ratio: fine division, wide range, the combination of models can form a very large transmission ratio, that is, the output of very low speed.

  • Gearbox for Milling Machine

    Gearbox for Milling Machine

    1) Low energy consumption: oil pool lubrication, natural cooling, low energy consumption.
    2) Good overall effect: CNC gear grinding process, high precision, good contact, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation, low noise;
    3) Small size, light weight, long service life, high carrying...

  • Vertical Gearbox for Cement and Coal Industrial

    Vertical Gearbox for Cement and Coal Industrial

    1)Three - or four-shunt structure is adopted for star - line transmission, and load - sharing is realized by many methods.
    2)All the boxes are welded with high quality structural steel, with sufficient strength and steel degree.

  • Crane Gearbox for Hoisting

    Crane Gearbox for Hoisting

    Gear surface grinding, high precision, large bearing capacity; With smooth transmission, low noise, long service life, small size, light weight and other characteristics.

  • High Torque Planetary Gearbox

    High Torque Planetary Gearbox

    The planetary reducer has six gear contact surfaces with a larger area with a 360-degree uniform load, and multiple gear surfaces bear the instantaneous impact load equally, making it more able to withstand higher torque impact.And the major bearing parts will not be damaged and broken due to high load.

  • Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

    Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

    Compared with other gear reducer, planetary gear reducer has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision (single stage can achieve within 1 minute), high transmission efficiency (single stage in 97-98%), high torque/volume ratio, lifetime maintenance-free and so on.

  • Ball Mill Gearbox

    Ball Mill Gearbox

    High grinding efficiency, large range of energy saving.Compared with ball mill system, it can save 30~50% electricity.Compared with the traditional vertical mill, the external circulation ratio is large, and the power consumption of the system can be reduced by about 20%.

  • Extruder Gearbox for Plastic and Rubber

    Extruder Gearbox for Plastic and Rubber

    1) Highly standard modular designed
    2) Quality material ensures the product reliability
    3) High strength,compact dimension

  • Gearbox for Extruder Machine

    Gearbox for Extruder Machine

    The gear is processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding.Gear accuracy gb10095-88, class 6.Hardened gear hardness HRC54~62.The front section of hollow output shaft is equipped with large thrust bearing, which can bear the axial thrust when the screw is working.The machine has the characteristics of small...

  • Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

    Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

    The reducer is a high precision gear transmission device with thrust package on hard tooth surface, which is designed for plastic and rubber screw extruder.
    The product design shall refer to the technical specifications specified in JB/ t8853-2001 cylindrical gear reducer.

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