High Voltage Electric Motor Dc

1)High efficiency.
2)Energy saving.
3)High torque.

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Product Details

These High voltage electric motor dc are engineered with many remarkable features such as high efficiency,low noise,small vibration,large margin of temperature,excellent performance and reliable operation etc.

Product Introduction

1)High efficiency.

2)Energy saving.

3)High torque.

4)Small vibration.

5)Safe and reliable operation.

Products Specification

Z series medium electriv DC motor

Protection class


Rated speed

120-3000rpm can be chose

Standard rated voltage

220V,330V,440V,550V ,660V or other Voltage may be derived on request

Motor insulation

Class H

Mounting type

IM1001 IM1002



Duty:Continuous S1

Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC17, IC37 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.

Product feature and application


Product qualification


We have our own production line, quality control equipment,and our products obtained international CE&TUV certification,products sold around the world.

Deliver-shipping and serving



1.What should be paid attention to in using permanent magnet dc motor?

If the product is not specified, generally (for example, aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet dc motor or ferrite permanent magnet dc motor) permanent magnet dc motor is not allowed to run with reverse connection braking at rated voltage, otherwise it will cause permanent magnet demagnetization;

If it is necessary to operate this way, a current-limiting resistance should be applied to limit excessive current.

2.How to check the motor?

First, check the appearance of the motor: there should be no scratches and coating off;

Then rotate the shaft, should be flexible rotation, no obvious jamming phenomenon.

Check whether the wiring of the motor is firm and run on electricity.

There should be no friction in the process of motor rotation, the most prominent of which is bearing friction.

3.How to determine whether the bearing is worn?

Bearing wear will give out abnormal sound, local overheating temperature rise phenomenon.

Latest News

Attention should be paid to permanent magnet demagnetization caused by excessive current, temperature change and open magnetic circuit during disassembly, especially for aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet motor, magnetic short-circuit protection should be carried out on the permanent magnet circuit during disassembly, otherwise additional magnetization should be conducted after demagnetization.

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