Big DC Motor for Cement Production Line

1)High efficiency.
2)Energy saving.
3)High torque.

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Product Details
big DC motor for cement production line(001)

Big DC motor for cement production line is an electric motor that converts direct current energy into mechanical energy.

It is widely used in electric drive because of its good speed regulation.

Product Introduction

1)High efficiency.

2)Energy saving.

3)High torque.

4)Small vibration.

5)Safe and reliable operation.

Products Specification

Z series medium electriv DC motor

Protection class


Rated speed

120-3000rpm can be chose

Standard rated voltage

220V,330V,440V,550V ,660V or other Voltage may be derived on request

Motor insulation

Class H

Mounting type

IM1001 IM1002



Duty:Continuous S1

Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC17, IC37 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.

Product feature and application


Product qualification


We have our own production line, quality control equipment,and our products obtained international CE&TUV certification,products sold around the world.

Deliver-shipping and serving



1.What are the characteristics of dc motors?

Good speed regulation performance.

The performance of speed regulation refers to artificially changing the speed of the motor under certain load conditions according to needs.

2.What's better about dc motors than ac motors?

Stable control, easy to start and low energy consumption when shut down.

3.How many excitation modes are there for dc motors?

Separately excited and self excited, self excited is divided into shunt excited, series excited and compound excited.

Latest News

Dc motor can realize uniform and smooth stepless speed regulation under heavy load, and the range of speed regulation is wide.

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