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    Jiangshan Transpower Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

    Jiangshan Transpower Enterprise Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Transpower) is a professional industry equipment supplier in the field of electrical and power transmission, and has a wholly-owned subsidiary Transpower Industries Limted. At present, Transpower has two factories to design and manufacturing transformers and electric motors, and depends on our market and products experience, we are also very good at the business of selling all concerned industry EPC equipment, for example, substation products, reducer, steel plant spares, mining machines, protection cabinet and etc.

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    Transformers Meet Wide Varieties Of Needs

    Transformers meet wide varieties of needs. Some transformers are huge and typically are found at a generating

    The Bids For The 220kV Power Transmission And...

    On June 21, Henan Engineering Company successively won the bids for the 220kV power transmission and transform

    The 220kV Power Transmission And Transformati...

    The substation project has newly built 2 240 MVA main transformers, 4 lines of 220 kV outlets, 6 lines of 110

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